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Ready to scale is born!

Why R2Scale was born…

Whispers from the gilded cage…
Can you relate to this? Back in June of 2019 I had a revelation. Let me paint the scene for you…I was in the biggest job of my life with one of the world’s most admired Global brands. I was sitting in my office late one Friday night, everyone else had gone home for the weekend ahead. And there it was again, that little nagging voice inside my head that starts as a gentle whisper and if ignored, gets louder and louder to the point of shouting at me saying “this isn’t it!” ‘How could this not be it,’I asked myself, but inside I knew it was true. On the surface, I had reached a level of success with a company of which I was proud to be a part. If this wasn’t it, I knew I needed to get serious clarity about what the “it” could possibly be and set out to build it. R2Scale was created.

Purpose-driven and Meaningful
Don’t get me wrong, the companies I have worked for are good corporate citizens with top sustainability efforts and endeavor to create meaning in the world. It wasn’t who they were that was gnawing at me, it was my role in the system that started the whispers. The further and further I climbed the ladder, the further I was away from the actual ‘doing’ and having immediate impact on people. With full clarity I knew I wanted to have a bigger impact, create again, get closer to the employees themselves and regain my voice. On a personal level, I didn’t just want to but had to. I needed to regain my freedom and my discretionary time. So I did it. I resigned from a top job with no actual job lined up, and no specific plan. I tried, failed and learned over the next 2 years and finally created R2Scale – a company based on service to those who really need support, drawing from our team’s experiences to grow businesses by growing people.

With all the unknowns, there were some certainties. I was certain about what people came to me for, again and again, and where I found the most energy. I am a trusted advisor to senior leaders and mentor to next-gen, emerging leaders, especially at times of transition. When my friends and colleagues are sacked, want a new job, or the courage to move up or on, they call me. I have good intuition when selecting and assessing people and reading a company’s cultural environment to see if it is a match. I therefore enjoy helping investors assess potential companies to invest in and, together with our team at R2Scale, we enjoy placing people in positions with companies that make their heart sing.

Growth Mindset
I have always loved change, new beginnings, disruption, innovation, reset buttons and situations that demand learning agility. I like being close to the action and blending strategy with actual hands-on work. So it was natural for me to lean towards early-stage start-ups, rich with Entrepreneurs who are risk takers, who are compelled to try and are comfortable with failure as a way to learn and grow. What they often don’t have is the experience selecting, developing and building high performing teams. We at R2Scale help companies navigate through this important process..