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Our Mission

Growing businesses through their greatest asset – their people.

Our Passion

Helping entrepreneurs realize their full potential by defining the roadmap that will not only find top talent but will create and support a culture that will sustain growth over time. Whether a start-up or a VC, the way forward is through People.

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Our Values

We aspire to a way of working that enables individuals to realize their very best self and companies to reach their highest potential.

The world of work does not have to be boring or predictable…

Be COURAGEOUS – and dare to be the best version of yourself.
Feel the FREEDOM to have ORIGINALITY of thought and expression..
Be ADVENTUROUS – have no fear to explore a new way, a new path
Be INVENTIVE – bring out your inner Einstein!
SMART WORK is the only work and leads to AWESOMENESS
Remember that INTEGRITY is the final measure.

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Our Team

Diana Styles

Founder and CEO

Diana founded DSCG, HR Consultancy in March 2020 and established R2Scale in April 2021 serving early-stage scaling Start-Ups, VCs, and Investors. As an executive-level HR consultant, Diana advises on how to build a company People Strategy & Roadmap to include Talent, Leadership, and Culture. Additionally, she can be called upon for Cultural Due-Diligence and HR Advisory for VCs and Investors.

Diana provides Advisory and Executive Coaching Services to our clients both at the enterprise and personal level. She has a passion for supporting pre-IPO start-up Founders and Senior Executives.

She brings with her decades of experience in international Human Resources with a focus on building capability, not a dependency for sustainable growth. Formerly the SVP of Human Resources for Adidas globally, Diana is an expert in building transformational cultures and creating an environment that matches employee experience with consumer experience. Most recently Diana was in-house as Chief People Officer in Berlin at two scaling start-ups.

Having lived and/or worked in the US, Europe, Asia, Latin America, UAE, and CIS, Diana has a breadth of global experience.

Elaine Espy

Founder and COO

A highly accomplished executive with experience leading, coaching, and developing
action-oriented teams to achieve the highest levels of performance. During a decades-long corporate career working at industry-leading brands in the US and Europe, Elaine has gained comprehensive expertise as a business leader and a human resources professional.

As a business leader, she successfully led business units to achieve financial targets by building and executing strategic business plans to meet organizational vision and strategy. As a strategic HR Business Partner, Elaine gained extensive experience in talent management, change management, training and development, organizational development, and employee relations.
Elaine has a strong passion for people and this has served as the basis for her success. Today as a business owner, consultant, coach, and facilitator she leverages this passion to help each person or team she works with reach their highest potential and stated desires. Her other passions include world travel, hiking, gardening, and golfing.