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Finding Talent

First, we listen to understand who you are, where you are and where you expect to go. Scaling requires a deep understanding of the steps necessary to go from pitch deck to a fully staffed company.

Together, we build your recruitment plan to complement your expected business growth. We have the formula for the pace and acceleration necessary to align with your growth roadmap.

Based on our experience and functional knowledge we find the top talent you need to scale fast.

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Support for VCs & Investors

For VCs and Investors, we support you with a cultural due diligence risk assessment to better understand how you and a prospective company can evolve together. We explore to see how values are truly lived at all levels and the resulting impact on potential business growth.

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Strategic People Planning

We support you to build your company’s end-to-end people strategy that results in a company where top talent wants to stay and grow. From culture to people development, we define the roadmap to pace and sequence the strategic milestones. We define what you need and when you need it based on your company’s growth and expansion roadmap.

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Our Promise

Its simple. We do what we say we will do.

We are collaborative, constantly iterating, flexible and adaptive to your ever-changing business. We deliver.

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